Digital Signature, Long-Term preservation Service, Blockchain Notarization.
The most all-in-one
secure solution in the market.


Find out the powerful of TrustedBiz to manage all document processes of your organization with an unique, easy and intuitive interface.

Digital signature

Digitally sign your documents in a simple, secure and innovative way.

TrustedBiz digitize all the steps necessary to sign through an intuitive and assisted workflow.

JoinYourBit is an European eIDAS compliant Registration Authority for digital signature. Request use your digital signature directly on TrustedBiz platform.

Long-term archiving services

Comply with AgID Regulation and ensure that your documents are secure and accessible.

TrustedBiz assures protection, security and legal enforceability of documents on long-term archiving provided by the Italian qualified provider (“Conservatore Accreditato AgID”).

TrustedBiz long-term archiving reduce document hardcopy and digital process compliance.

Blockchain notarization

Strengthens and secure the legal title of your document in one click.

JoinYourBit has developed the entire document process steps traceability on blockchain.

The adoption of decentralized technology assures “proof of evidence” and endless notarization.