JoinYourBit: born to take care of your documents.

JoinYourBit helps organizations in their digital trasformation journey, ensuring document protection and legal enforceability.

Our mission


We aim at improving Customer productivity, reduce operational inefficiency e promote an environmentally conscious workplace.


Our vision


We aim at building a better world through the use of technology.


 Antonella Roselli
CEO & Founder

Antonella is the CEO of JoinYourBit. Entrapreneur, founder of startups and companie’s spin-off, annual earning objective, new business creation, market share incrementation. Antonella has over 20 years of successful experience in providing leadership to financial, strategic and operations processes in uniquely challenging situations.

 Francesca Silvestrini

Francesca is the legal advisor of JoinYourBit. Subject expert matters on digital laws and GDPR, Francesca addresses and ensure the regulatory compliance of Digital Services provided by JoinYourBit.