Our choice: investing in disruptive technologies.

Artificial Intelligence


Intelligent Document Processing 

Automate or digitize is a right step forward for document processing, but high-relevant business document may request additional security.
Low risk document exchange can be easily addressed using artificial intelligence, data classification and cybersecurity techniques. TrustedBiz Artificial Intelligence module:

  • Analyzes key words, sentences and data inside the document through AI techniques,
  • Classify the document and protect it accordingly





Blockchain notarization 

TrustedBiz Notarize module manage digital content by creating a unique hash (fingerprint) of any digital document and storing this hash in a distributed and decentralized ledger. Notarization provides traceability, accountability and non-repudiation for the whole business transaction.



Decentralized Identity


Self Sovereign Identity

SSI get back control of your on-line Identity. TrustedBiz SSI wallet manages a number of digital credentials to authenticates to services provided public and private organizations.