We choose high value partners


Data stored and secured in the European Union


We are an European trusted Registration Authority and we take care of our customer’s data, storing and protecting in Italy, under the European laws.

We have chosen Aruba.it we believe our customers’ data are the company’s greatest asset that must be protected under the principles of GDPR and security guidelines defined by the ISO 27001 standard. Customer data are stored in Rating 4 ANSI/TIA enterprise class Data Center in Italy.



The technology applied to legal services


In JoinYourBit we strongly believe information security management and it is at the top of our agenda.

League – The Legal Hub is a professional association that rises from a joint project among lawyers, who have been operating since many years in the field of legal corporate consulting at national and international level. League aim at supporting companies that adopt advanced technologies (blockchain, augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence) to shift to digital.

By using Legaltech tools and services, League provide professional services and assistance to their Clients on Data Protection, blockchain and fintech platforms.
Customers take advantage of League qualifications regarding data protection.


We work for innovation

JoinYourBit has implemented a management system to meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholders more effectively.
Agilae is an innovative startup fosused on strategic consultancy to support organizational change of their customers.
Agilae core business is about helping their customer to add value to business, while ensuring sustainability, workforce, partners and promoting the growth of local communities.


We work for innovation

JoinYourBit and Innovery work in partnership since 2018 on complex projects to scale at European and global level. (Find more here: https://www.innovery.net/en/partnership/)
Innovery is a multinational company settled in Italy, Spain and Mexico, it offers a specialist advice service for innovative solutions about ICT. Managed by a professional and highly experienced team, the company focuses on the market of Finance, Industry, Utility, Energy, Retail and Telecommunication and Public Administration. Since 2019, following Wise investments, the Group has aimed at furtherly accelerating its expansion by fostering the organic growth, leveraging existing and building new relationships, and by implementing internationally a M&A strategy to develop products, services and markets