Joinyourbit Solution

Innovative IT services that digitally manage your business document and transaction

JYB has developed the Trusted-BIZ, an innovative Software package as a Service Suite that digitally manages a wide range of document-centred business processes. Trusted-BIZ provides significant advantages to managing your business transactions, reducing operational costs and supporting your company environmental and sustainability aspirations.

Trusted-BIZ offers integrated services which rely on a modular solution, making an intensive use of software components and procedures. This allows automated workflow for the decision maker’s approval and e-signature process.

Trusted-BIZ relies on reliable and trusted cross-border service for the compliance of the global hosting system based on EU/Global security and legal requirements, focusing on Privacy and Data Protection (GDPR EU 2016/679) and Trusted Services (eIDAS Regulation EU 910/2014).

Thanks to this solution, business users, will be able to trust the virtual intermediary (J-Suite) to manage their digital process in an automated, interactive way, using open networks and still benefit from Freedom to Operate (FTO).

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