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We are focused on DIGITAL TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT and DOCUMENT PROTECTION to speed up your business and be in touch with your client's peers in a SECURED NETWORK

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Removing barriers. The trusted provider for cross-border digital business

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Global Trust

Mutual trusted identification
Document multi-law compliance validation
Chain of truth between counterparties involved in a deal
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Business Performance

High-value business documents management
Increased public and private sectors organisation’s business performance (speed, productivity, cost saving and audit ability)
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Information Security

Secure end-to-end straight-through transactions
Document lifecycle protection
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Green Practices

Be a green and sustenaible innovator reducing paper consumption
Support the global ecosystem using a full digital platform (the J-Suite)

These capabilities are driven by an innovative, cloud based suite called J-Suite, a modular DTM software As a service utilised to integrate customer document and transaction processes with systems of clients’ peers (commercial and financial partners, Public Authorities), enforcing the business ecosystem interoperability.

Whether you are an administration body, a blue-chip Company, or a small to medium enterprise, Joinyourbit can add value to your business.

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