Your Trusted Service Provider

We are focused on DIGITAL TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT and DOCUMENT PROTECTION to speed up your business and be in touch with your client's peers in a SECURED NETWORK

Joinyourbit (JYB) is a high-tech Digital Service Provider focused on Digital Transaction Management (DTM), Document Protection (DP) and an End-to-End Straight-Through (STP) approach. Our goal is to increase, public and private sectors organisation’s business performance in terms of speed, productivity, security and audit ability, as well as to integrate customer document and transaction processes with ICT platforms of clients’ peers (commercial and financial partners, Public Authorities), enforcing the business ecosystem interoperability.

These processes are driven by an innovative, cloud based suite called, J-Suite, a modular Software package of integrated services utilised for comprehensive digital transaction management and workflow automation of e-invoices, sales contract and other documents, digitally managed in a secure way. Whether you are an administration body, a blue-chip Company, or a small to medium enterprise, JYB can add value to your business.